Excellence in Supervision - Essential Skills for the New Supervisor

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Estimated total study time: 4 hours 2 minutes [Enroll now]

To estimated study time you should add approximately 3 hours for final action plan development and evaluation. Uses video role play, personalization exercises, and coaching options. Concludes with a personal action plan oriented to one's particular job assignment and needed growth areas.

In this course, you will learn how to:

Lesson 1: Introduction - You're Now a Supervisor!

This lesson helps you understand your role as a supervisor and provides some tips for a smooth transition.

(Estimated study time: 30 minutes)

Lesson 2: Your Job as a Supervisor

As you work through this lesson, you will develop a clear understanding of your responsibilities as a supervisor and plan steps for getting started in your new role.

(Estimated study time: 24 minutes)

Lesson 3: Performance Management

In this lesson, learn about two key skills for managing performance:

(Estimated study time: 31 minutes)

Lesson 4: More About Performance Management

Two more key skills for managing high performance are covered in this lesson:

(Estimated study time: 47 minutes)

Lesson 5: Communicating With Others

The importance of good communication skills and useful techniques are covered in this lesson.

(Estimated study time: 36 minutes)

Lesson 6: Coaching for Excellence

Learn how you, as a supervisor, can use coaching techniques to do more with less and help teams work together for positive results.

(Estimated study time: 27 minutes)

Lesson 7: Dealing with Change

Many people try to resist change. This lesson helps you understand the impact of change on the organization and employees, and how you can manage change effectively.

(Estimated study time: 35 minutes)

Lesson 8: Course Summary

This section summarizes all the strategies covered in the course.

(Estimated study time: 8 minutes)

The Action Plan: Keep Excelling

This final session of Excellence in Supervision consists of a personal action plan to be developed and then pursued following course completion. It provides an opportunity to apply what has been learned to one's particular job assignment as a supervisor. As an option, the action plan may be made subject to evaluation and acceptance by another designated person. A post-training progress evaluation may also be scheduled.

(Estimated study time: 3 minutes)