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The AFA offers a variety of on-line courses to meet the training needs of our members. For example:

Courses to ensure your entry-level trainees get off to a fast and productive start. See the full GISTnet Catalog for over 200 courses.

Get Started

  1. Visit the course catalog and then use the "enroll now" link to request assignment to a selected course for yourself or an associate.
  2. Pay the invoice (credit card or check) that is emailed to you. If you are associated with an AfA-Member company, you will receive the lower subscriber fee.
  3. Follow GISTnet's course assignment email link to access your training and begin learning.

Contact us for assistance, information or a demo at: or 310-376-3888.

More GISTnet Features

Country Guides for Import & Export Shipments

The Country Guides provide import and export requirements for each country along with general information an employee should know when processing a shipment. The Country Guides are kept current by full time GISTnet employees with contributions and confirmations from our many subscribers (forwarders in the U.S. and abroad). When using the country guides you have the peace of mind knowing that you are looking at the most current available information.

Glossary & Comprehensive What, Why and How-To Library

The GISTnet Glossary is an efficient way for workers to get industry terms and acronyms defined in seconds. Now over 7000 definitions as used in cargo transport, international trade and supply chain management. Every definition also links to everywhere the term is used in the expansive GISTnet Library, to understand research related topics in the context of what they are working on at the moment.

Learning Management Tools

The GISTware Learning Management System allows designated administrators in your company to assign, track and monitor training. All training records are readily available and are date-time stamped for compliance reporting. Upon completion of a course, a student or training administrator can print out a personalized training certificate, with records always available on-line as well.