C9802u—Classification and Documentation for Articles Exported and Returned, Advanced or Improved Abroad (HTSUS9802)

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This short 1-hour course covers goods that qualify for classification in Chapter 98, Subchapter 2 under heading 9802. This includes training and practice classifying shipments that have been exported from the United States and returned after being advanced or improved. Documentation requirements for U.S. goods repaired, altered or processed abroad and articles manufactured abroad with U.S. Content are also covered.

Chapter 98 Subchapter 2 (9802)—Articles Exported and Returned, Advanced or Improved Abroad

9802 provides provisions for reduced duty for goods that were exported from the U.S., repaired or altered abroad and then returned to the U.S. This includes repaired articles and articles were made abroad using materials from the U.S. We'll briefly discuss the conditions for re-importation.

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 7 minutes)