DG21u—Dangerous Goods: Function Specific: Forwarder

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Estimated total study time: 9 hours 6 minutes [Enroll now]

Legal Responsibilities of All Involved In Preparing, Arranging and Transporting

(Estimated study time: 47 minutes)

Forwarder Concerns Before Handling DG; DG Shipment Quotations; Scrutiny over Undeclared DG and Shipper's Documentation

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 0 minutes)

Forwarder Operational Steps and Communications with Shipper and Transport Carriers

(Estimated study time: 42 minutes)

Dangerous Goods Acceptance at Cargo Terminal; Forwarder Documentation Tasks

(Estimated study time: 54 minutes)

DG in Cargo Consolidations; Container/Vehicle Packing Certificate

(Estimated study time: 44 minutes)

Re-Forwarding Dangerous Goods Previously Shipped in Commerce

(Estimated study time: 37 minutes)

Responding to Shipper DG Questions and Assistance Requests

(Estimated study time: 41 minutes)

Resolving Possible Undeclared DG; Uncooperative Shippers

(Estimated study time: 47 minutes)

Review of Requirements for Particular Types of DG; Required Incident Reporting; Use of DG Processing Checklists

This lesson of forwarder function-specific training:

  1. Summarizes/reviews requirements for particular types of DG, including self-powered vehicles, infectious substances, radioactive materials, electric batteries and battery-powered equipment);
  2. Reviews forwarder preparation for handling DG;
  3. Reviews incident reporting should this requirement every arise; and
  4. Concludes with an introduction to use of forwarder checklists. Subsequent lessons will contain additional operational checklists to conclude your forwarder general function-specific training.

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 1 minute)

Checking Information on the Shipper's Declaration

(Estimated study time: 53 minutes)

Cargo Physical Acceptance Checklist; Information for Transportation Document

(Estimated study time: 59 minutes)