S17u—CTPAT Security Training and Threat Awareness for Customs Broker Personnel

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New CTPAT guidelines were issued May 3, 2019. These new requirements must be implemented by the end of 2019. If not in urgent need, please stand by. We will have updated training ready for your Phase 2 Education, Training and Awareness implementation. The following schedule can be used if these 4 Phases are completed equally:

This course covers supply chain security awareness and the "how to" operational security measures ("Minimum Security Criteria") required under the CTPAT program for employees of customs brokers. It is designed to meet the CTPAT training requirement for employees who must understand, perform and/or otherwise comply with operational-level security measures. For more in-depth coverage including CTPAT benefits, application, certification, and validation requirements see S12u).

Note: Because the implementation of CTPAT security measures varies somewhat by company, this course, as is, can provide only general-purpose coverage of these topics. For companies with more than a few people to train, we recommend customization of this training to add company-specific security policy and procedures. The GISTware system which hosts this training facilitates such customization; please contact us for specifics.

What is CTPAT for Customs Brokers?

CTPAT is an ongoing compliance effort consisting of mandatory security requirements that must be met based on certain types of businesses in the supply chain. Why do companies want to participate in CTPAT? In this lesson we begin to look at the specific requirements for participation and benefits based on business type.

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 25 minutes)

CTPAT Protection of Cargo and Information

Continuing with our comparison, this lesson covers minimum security critera for the protection of cargo and commercial supply chains, but also for protection of information and documentation regarding procedures and the movement of the cargo.

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 51 minutes)

CTPAT Security Threat Awareness and Risk Management

Security breaches and threats are everyone's responsibility. This lesson covers how to recognize and report suspicious people, activities and shipments, what actions to avoid when a security threat is perceived and how to respond to possible security threats.

(Estimated study time: 43 minutes)