T6—Introduction to Cargo Risk Management and Insurance

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Estimated total study time: 9 hours 5 minutes [Enroll now]

This initial course introduces basic concepts necessary to understand and manage shipping risks, both physical and financial, together with the characteristics of carrier legal liability vs. cargo insurance policies.

Types of Shipping Risks

This lesson covers various types of shipping risks, both physical and financial, and how to reduce physical risks and/or properly allocate them between shipper and consignee.

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 34 minutes)

Carrier and Bailee Legal Liability; "Self-Insurance"

This lesson explains the nature and limitations of carrier and bailee legal liability for loss or damage to goods in their custody, plus the concept and reality of "self insurance."

(Estimated study time: 2 hours 4 minutes)

Shipping Insurance Basics

This lesson introduces basic insurance concepts and terminology (applicable to any type of casualty insurance), and the types of cargo-related risks and/or losses insurance will cover.

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 45 minutes)

Types of "Marine Cargo" Policies

This lesson addresses various types of marine cargo insurance policies, and basic coverages thereof.

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 4 minutes)

Cargo Insurance Certificates - Basics

This lesson addresses the basic functions and features of cargo insurance certificates, who prepares and distributes them, and reporting requirements to the insurance carrier.

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 34 minutes)

Cargo Insurance Certificates - Insuring Conditions

This lesson addresses the cargo insurance certificates in terms of the insuring conditions which may be placed thereon based on the underlying insurance policy, and what to do if special insuring conditions are needed (i.e., terms other than the pre-printed "boilerplate" found on certificate forms.)

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 4 minutes)