C8u—HTSUS Classification Post Evaluation; Learning by Practice and Simulation

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This is a 5-hour learning by practice course with feedback for students who already have some knowledge of U.S. classification to the 10-digit level, or have taken our course C6u—U.S. Customs Tariff (HTSUS) Classification Basics. This includes:

At the end of this course a 3-hour evaluation will be given to measure improvement or a certification in classification can be issued separately upon receipt of a passing grade.

Classification Practice: Skill Level 1

Please note: Do not use punctuation when filling in the number. Use the full 10 digit number without punctuation.

These Level 1 questions consist of classification applicable to the first General Rule of Interpretation, named articles.

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 32 minutes)

Classification Practice: Skill Level 2

These Level 2 questions include named articles and items that require reading notes, those with Special Program Indicators such as for trade agreements or those with associated document and information requirements (i.e. footwear, chemicals, steel, textiles), as well as classifications applicable to General Rule of Interpretation 2 and 3.

(Estimated study time: 1 hour 0 minutes)

Classification of Chemicals and Other Articles of Section VI

(Estimated study time: 27 minutes)

Classification of Wood and Other Articles of Section IX

(Estimated study time: 24 minutes)

Classification of the Textiles of Section XI

(Estimated study time: 27 minutes)

Classification of Base Metals of Section XV

(Estimated study time: 24 minutes)

Classification Practice: Skill Level 3

Level 3 questions cover special and complex classifications such as sets, watches, chapter 98 & 99 and quota. Also covered will be classifications that are covered by General Rule of Interpretation 4 and 5.

(Estimated study time: 45 minutes)

HTSUS Classification Skill Evaluation

This is a single use, non-refundable assessment for evaluating in detail the level of HTSUS Classification understanding. Individuals must have three hours to take this test uninterrupted and without distractions.

Important: You must read the Instructions for Using Assessments. These instructions provide you with the information you need to properly answer these fill-in-the-blank questions.

(Estimated study time: 3 hours 16 minutes)